Explore the Habitats of The Keys

Stunning Locations, Like Nowhere else

National Parks & Unforgettable Tours

Whether it’s a glass bottom boat going out to the beautiful coral reef, a canoe/kayak tour of the mangrove trails on the ocean or bayside of the island, a relaxing pontoon ride to Everglades National Park, a full day of hiking to a cypress dome, canoeing in the waters in and around the Everglades or enjoying the sunset on a small power boat, there’s an eco-tour for everyone.

Discovering the fragile eco-system of Key Largo and the Florida Keys is a must in order to understand how unique our islands are. You may see a tiny seahorse among the seagrass, a mammoth manatee swimming through the canals, exotic birds roosting in the trees or even an endangered American Crocodile sunning itself on a remote beach, all are part of the Keys wildlife that can be observed while on an eco-tour.