Find your Way to The Endless Summer Fun


Step-by-step Guide to Visiting The Largo

Find Florida. Find the Turnpike. Go South. When the Turnpike ends, you'll be exited onto U.S. Highway One. Continue South. You'll begin to see small green markers along the sides of the road. These are the famous "mile markers" of the Overseas Highway. You'll leave the mainland at approximately mile marker 127. You'll reach the Florida Keys Visitor Center, on the right hand side of the road ("bayside" to locals) at MM 106. Welcome to Key Largo!

Just an hour south of Miami yet a world away, Key Largo is an easy trip. Whether you arrive by boat, bus, car, plane or simple foot power, there will be directions to the Florida Turnpike easily available. If you're coming from the North, you won't even need to go through the city of Miami - just stay on the turnpike extension that leads around to Homestead and on to the Florida Keys.

Tolls on Florida’s Turnpike - from Exit 1 to Exit 47 in Miami-Dade County are only collected electronically, with SunPass or with TOLL-BY-PLATE, a system that takes a photo of a vehicle’s license plate and mails a bill to the vehicle’s registered owner.