About The Key Largo, FL Chamber

The Key Largo Chamber of Commerce has been a testament to the dedication and commitment of its members since the late 1930's when a group of Upper Keys business owners got together to discuss how to improve their business environment. 

Anglefish Logo. Key Largo Chamber of Commerce | Key Largo, FLIncorporated in the 1970's, the Upper Keys Chamber of Commerce became the Legendary Key Largo Chamber of Commerce in 1985, capitalizing on the enormous power of name recognition. Key Largo is a renowned destination and a name that experience has proven guarantees an enthusiastic and positive response.

Since its inception, the focus of the Legendary Key Largo Chamber of Commerce has been the promotion of the economy through support of good business, good government and good citizenship.

2016 Visitor Center

The Key Largo Chamber of Commerce works closely with all local organizations and institutions to improve the quality of life for all. We interact with government on the local, state and federal levels on issues of importance to the business community.

The Key Largo Chamber of Commerce is active in all aspects of community life, and through various projects and committees our members show they share the Chamber's commitment to community and business service.

The island of Key Largo, and the Florida Keys as a whole, relies totally on its major industry - tourism. The Chamber promotes the importance of maintaining and enhancing this industry with the knowledge that all businesses in the community benefit from a thriving tourist economy.

Every dollar spent by a visitor for accommodations, attractions, dining or shopping filters down to our accountants, attorneys, bankers, contractors, electricians, hairdressers, insurance agents, painters, physicians, veterinarians and on and on.

The key to the Chamber's future success lies in the membership. Let the Chamber know about your business concerns and allow the Chamber to demonstrate how it can serve you. The members define the direction of the Chamber, and your voice needs to be heard. Join us as we endeavor to bring a healthy, happy successful working environment to the community in which we live, and a prosperous future to each and every one.